About Me

One thing that I have struggled with my entire life is feeling beautiful in my own skin. My goal behind Rusty Creek Designs is to make you feel BOLD and BEAUTIFUL every single time you wear a piece of my jewelry. I strive to make one-of-a-kind pieces with handpicked, high grade stones that are statement pieces to stand out or smaller classy pieces that compliment almost any style!

My name is Liz Gould and I am the designer, silversmith, and owner behind Rusty Creek Designs!! When I started silversmithing, it was more of an idea than a business. The idea turned into something I loved. From then, the burns, scratches, scraped pieces and broken stones have gotten me to where I am today.

I start each piece of jewelry with sterling silver wire and a sheet of fine silver and bring my design to life with a little bit of solder and fire. I want to make sure that I find high grade and best pattern stones. To do this, I only use very select local vendors or deal with the mine owners personally.

My business was named after my parents land in the Laramie Range Mountains in Wyoming. Wyoming is where the buffalo roam and the mountains are full of beauty and wonder. I use the inspiration I see in nature to bring my jewelry to life. It could be the blue turquoise mimicking a trickling creek or a Dendritic Agate imitating plants frozen in the icy river. I use Mother Nature to help me create one of a kind jewelry that makes you feel bold and beautiful when you wear it.

My passion for gemstones and jewelry started when I was a kid. When I was about 10, my Papa Jerry brought me a rough piece of turquoise he found at a mine. After spending weeks waiting for it to be polished in a tumbler, it turned into one of my most treasured possessions! As a surprise for graduation, my parents had it custom designed into a one-of-a-kind pendant. When I wear it, I feel unique, inspired and confident – all of which I want my designs to make you feel!

Are you interested in seeing more of these pieces behind this inspiration? Please check out my collection and gallery to find a piece to make you feel bold and beautiful!