Traveling with Jewelry Tips

Traveling with Jewelry Tips

I absolutely LOVE to travel! And, of course, I always want to take multiple jewelry with me- one for each day that we are on an adventure! However, especially when traveling with multiple pieces of jewelry, you need to make sure that you are taking extra care of them. Here are some valuable tips to ensure they stay safe and in pristine conditions.

Even though it may be your FAVORITE piece of jewelry, I would leave behind jewelry that is very valuable or is a piece you cherish. When on vacation, it can be harder to keep track, easier to lose, or jewelry can get stolen. If you have a safe at home, I would lock them up in it! Just in case your house gets broken into while you are gone, they will be safe! If you have a small safe like we do, hide it very well. I would also have insurance on any of your more expensive jewelry. It can be super cheap to add it on to your renters or home insurance (For my engagement ring and wedding band, it is $20 a YEAR). While I understand that heirloom jewelry cannot be replaced and getting a wedding ring that is not from your wedding can be devastating, at least you will have it covered.

If you are flying, I ALWAYS recommend you take them aboard the plane with you.  DO NOT put them in your suitcase if you are checking your bags. Even if you must put them in your purse, it is better than them getting stolen or lost.

How to Pack Jewelry for the ride:

  • If you can get a container that is specific for jewelry, I would recommend you get one! I have a Jewelry Burrito from and it is perfect to keep everything snug and in place. Plus, look how cool it is! (Picture is from HuckPhinn Leatherworks website)
  • Having a travel case is not a necessity though! You can put each piece of jewelry in a ziploc bag and in a small box or Tupperware container. Put a silica gel pack in the bags to help with the moisture in the air. You can find these in new shoes, purses, etc., so instead of throwing them away, put them to good use! 
  • If you have small containers hanging around the house, these can also work perfectly. You can put your jewelry in separate bags and store them in one container for easy carry.
  • I would not recommend putting jewelry in the same bag, especially if you have jewelry with gemstones such as diamonds. Diamonds are a very hard stone and can scratch softer stones very easily. Multiple pieces of jewelry can also rub up against each other, which will cause scratches on your metal and turquoise. It is better to keep it all separate.
  • Put your necklace chains through straws. This will help ensure they do not get tangled while in route! One of my pet peeves is trying to get those dang chains untangled when all I want to do is WEAR IT!
  • To keep your earrings a little safer, you can poke a hole in an index card or use buttons to keep them together. 

If you are staying at a hotel and have more valuable or cherished jewelry, I would highly recommend either putting them in a safe or hiding them very well. You do not want them to get lost or stolen when you are not there. Better safe than sorry!

As much as I love all of my jewelry, I leave my more valuable pieces at home and take ones that are not heirlooms or expensive pieces. I relax more knowing it is safe at home and I will not be freaking out wondering if it is safe the entire time we are away from the hotel. Safe travels!!


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