Summertime Jewelry Care

Summertime Jewelry Care

Summertime is here!!!! I don’t know about you, but I am tired of the cold and so excited to soak up some sun and enjoy the outdoors!

However, as much as I love summer, you have to be more careful when you are wearing your jewelry. Here are some tips so that you can keep it them looking beautiful!

  • Sunscreen is definitely a necessity- especially if you are like my husband and fry like a lobster after just 10 minutes in the sun! Make sure you do not get any sunscreen on your jewelry – more specifically the turquoise. It will alter the color and possibly even soften it some if it is exposed to a lot!
  • The same thing goes with bug spray, hairspray, chlorine, cleaning chemicals, aloe (which may be needed quite often!!), lotion – it is just safer to take off your rings if you are going to be in any sort of oils or chemicals. They will also change the color of the stone and cause the metal to tarnish faster. Being exposed for long periods of time can even potentially cause corrosion to the stone, which would be devastating!
  • If you are going in the pool or lake, take off your jewelry. When you fingers get cold, they can shrink some in size, which increases the chance of losing it. Also, being in water and chlorine for long periods of time will cause the metal to tarnish faster and change the composition and color of the stone.
  • Gardening is one of my favorite things to do in the summer! Sadly, when you are digging in the dirt without gloves, you can scratch your metal and the stones. Sometimes to a point where you can’t get the scratches out.
  • Sweat is inevitable during the summertime. Sweating for long periods of time can cause the jewelry to tarnish faster.
  • Are you more of a sunbather while at the beach? Unfortunately, you are not exempt. Sand is not good for your jewelry. It can cause scratches and abrasions on the stones and metal.

Of course, you may forget to take your rings off sometimes, I do it too! If you get any chemicals on it, please make sure you clean it with dawn soap and a soft toothbrush IMMEDIATELY! You do not want those chemicals to sit on your stone.

As a rule of thumb, polish and clean your jewelry often – especially more so in the summer! Click here to read how to clean and care for your jewelry!

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