Featured Mom #1 - Jenna Atteberry

Featured Mom #1 - Jenna Atteberry

The first Mom that I would like to feature is my Best Friend Jenna Atteberry!

I have known Jenna for almost 7 years, and she has had a huge impact on my life. With all the good times and bad, Jenna has been there to support me in anyway needed.

I met Jenna through our now husbands, who used to work together. If any of you know my husband, you know that Cody is super shy and does not talk too much. Thankfully, Jenna’s husband, Josh, is the complete opposite and basically forced Cody to have lunch with him at work. From there, they (meaning Josh) planned a double date so we could all hang out and get together. From our movie date and dinner at Red Robin, the rest is history! For about 3 years, we also lived just down the street from each other – which was completely awesome!

When Cody and I told Jenna and Josh that we wanted to take them to Catalina Island where we were going to get married, there was no hesitation of agreeing to go! The months following up to our wedding were quite adventurous for the Atteberry family, but mainly, for Jenna! She was a new mother to a beautiful 3-month-old daughter named Norah. About 6 weeks before we were supposed to leave, Jenna cut her hand all the way down to the tendon and had to have surgery. She was in a cast the entire trip and had to limit her time swimming with us in the ocean. I felt so bad that she had only one hand she could really use and had to breast pump quite frequently. However, Jenna did not complain once, and was the best Maid of Honor I could have asked for.

While juggling the life of having a toddler, Jenna also is a working mom. She has a career as an esthetician and is amazing at what she does. With another little one on the way, Jenna continues to thrive, not only as an amazing mother, but as the woman she is! Jenna even puts up with me when I want to take pictures for Rusty Creek Designs and does it with a smile her face. I am ever so grateful for this wonderful woman and friend.


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