Book Journal

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Do you love to read, but have nothing fun to keep track of your books or any challenges? Then I have the product for you!

Not only is it a place to keep track of the books you read, but also areas for you to color in some pictures, compete in challenges, and track your reading habits.

Product Description:

  • Size: A5
  • Ratings page to set up your rating codes
  • Goals page
  • Your own library to color the book spines in to match the book you just read or your rating color. Bookshelf knick-knacks to also color to your desire
  • Book tracker (270 blocks to color in)
  • Reading list with star rating (277 lines)
  • Challenge pages - A-Z Challenge, Bingo, Read the Rainbow
  • Book club
  • Tracker pages - reading, genre, and yearly stats
  • New Releases and Favorite Authors
  • Battle of the books
  • To Be Read List (188 lines)
  • Review pages with area to print off cover of book (202 review spots)